Indie Bundles

The Humble Bundle


The classic.

New: Subscribe to the Humble Monthly for a guaranteed mix of awesome games!


The Indie Gala


Blink Bundle


From the creators of Playblink!


Indie Royale


Bundle Stars


They have had lots of awesome bundles in the last few months!


Groupees Bundles


Get Loaded Go


AAA games for a good price!


Bundle In A Box


The Free Bundle


All games completly for free!


Little Big Bunch

The websites below offer cheap PC game bundles, consisting of games mainly redeemable on Steam. However you should always check the info on the specific website to see where you can redeem the games ( e.g. Desura, Origin, etc.)

Current events & deals:

Do you want to get an amazing game bundle that's worth your money every month? Check out Humble Monthly!


Wanna try out a legit CS:GO case opening site? CSGOKingdom is the answer! Use code psyko for some free cash!


EA just launched a game-flatrate service on Origin, play various AAA titles for just 5$ a month!


The Mega Pick & Mix Bundle is live!

Get up to 20 Steam games for just 4.29€!

Bundle Stars has several other active bundles, check them out!


Check out the Hump Day Bundle from IndieGala!

$3.19 for ten amazing Steam games!


Bundle In A Box shut down permanently!


The Steamgifts redesign is finished! It comes along with several new features, check it out!