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Register on G2A to not only buy games for extraordinary cheap prices, but also to refer other users to the store to earn money! Most online stores have some sort of referral system.

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Complete surveys & offers, watch videos or visit websites, there are many ways to get points! Once you got enough points you can spend them for Amazon gift cards, money via Paypal, games and much more!

If you scroll down you will learn about dozens of ways to earn money (be it via free games, gift cards for Amazon or Steam, Bitcoins or direct cash via Paypal etc.) fast and easy.



Play browser games for free and get achievements and coins, until you get enough coins to buy Steam, Origin and Desura games with them, or alternatively complete surveys and offers for a lot of coins! You can enter giveaways with them as well! This is one of the best ways to not only get games but also Bitcoins, Amazon coupons, Steam Trading cards and much more for free very fast! Read the FAQ if you got more questions.

News: They host new giveaways every 4 hours now!



You can earn money (that can be transferred to your GreenManGaming account) by completing certain achievements for selected games. New achievements are selected every week, so by playing games that you already own you can earn enough money to get even more games for free! Click here for more info.



A fast and easy way to get PC and console games, gift cards for amazon & other services and much more for free! You can do different tasks to earn points, including surveys & offers, watching videos and more! As always: Read the FAQ if you got more questions.



Just another website where you can complete offers, surveys, watch videos & more to earn points. You can use the points to buy Steam wallet codes or games!



One.com is one of the best and fastest services to buy and manage domains & webspace. They combine cheap prices and a magnificent speed with a simple system and good support. This by itself isn't a way to earn money, but by creating your own website via one.com you have the best start to begin earning cash!



Earn points by completing offers and surveys (similar to tremorgames etc.) until you got enough points to redeem them for Steam & Desura games. Sometimes they host giveaways as well!



Just another website where you can complete offers, surveys, watch videos & more to earn points. Additionally you can also earn points by using their search engine or playing the 'Guess the Card' game. Besides leveling up to receive more daily tries at the Card game (and other benefits) you can use the points to buy gift cards, Paypal money and physical items!



Just another website where you can complete offers, surveys, watch videos & more to earn points. You can buy gift cards, consoles and more awesome stuff with those points!



Note: Watch this video or read this article if you don't know what Bitcoins are.



A website that pays you Bitcoins for completing tasks, surveys, watching videos and other stuff.



Mine in your browser, no download required! It runs on a low priority so it won't slow down your PC, but if you simply keep the tab opened you will get Bitcoins after some time!


Wanna help me to add more stuff on this website?

Go on this link and mine for me, it won't cost you a penny!

..or simply send me some Bitcoins, any amount is appreciated: 1MeJHZxy81rF3XQvrU5PJv3hEQwBEbYB8G



BitVisitor is a free and fast way to earn Bitcoins. the site forwards you to a random website every 5 minutes, you get paid for looking at that website. It's really easy!



On BitHits you can get 2 uBTC every day for visiting the site and typing in your Bitcoin address! Additionally there are listed several other useful websites for getting more Bitcoins.



Yet another website that gives you Bitcoins for free for visiting websites!

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